About us

We produce cosmetics since 1998. It all started modestly: the first products were simple and reliable creams according to Soviet recipes. They are still on everyone's lips: "Baby cream", "Cinderella", "Silicone cream", etc. As we gained experience, developed in the market of raw materials, packaging and in production, the Cognis company drew attention to us, which was one of the first to start supplying high-quality foreign raw materials to Russia. Together with them we developed the first version of the cream “Fleur d'Orange”. This product laid the foundation for the creation of innovative products at that time. This was a watershed moment for the company! The effectiveness of cosmetics and consumer response motivated more than the profit. Since then, it has become customary for us to invest in the training of technologists from foreign specialists, to participate in all available conferences on cosmetic raw materials and formulations (which gives us the opportunity to keep abreast of all trends in the global perfumery and cosmetic market). The fleet of equipment for production and quality control is regularly updated and modernized.

The main part of our work is focused on contract manufacturing - manufacturing products for other brands. In our own database of "Adelaide" there are more than 400 active recipes, we simultaneously produce more than 300 different products for the most famous companies. Today, there are more than 450 positions of different raw materials, from which we can make any type of care cosmetics upon request.

For the last years, we have been actively developing the production of our own cosmetic products under the L'Adeleide brand. We are experimenting with new textures and compositions, trying to create working products at a low cost, so that absolutely everyone has the opportunity to use very good cosmetics and not overpay for a big name. For the production of cosmetics, only imported raw materials are used, which have already proven themselves well in the world cosmetic market. We cooperate with the largest suppliers: BASF, Merck, Evonik, etc.

The goal of Adelaide was constant development and improvement, because the combination of knowledge, experience and inspiration gives the best results. We have earned the right to produce goods for consumers with the highest demands: for those who value product quality and safety. We have our own modern laboratories and production, a team of highly qualified specialists who are full of ideas and energy. And we really love what we do!

The Adelaide company is not in a hurry to catch up with other Russian cosmetic companies, but seeks to occupy its own unique niche on the market - to create products for conscientious and demanding customers who, giving their preference to Adelaide products, will be sure that they take care of their skin correctly and provide her with everything she really needs. Our cosmetics for those who read the composition. L'Adeleide is the cosmetics of excellence.